Life is a game of Chinese Whispers

Our ancestors began the chain of gossip and somehow it’s been decades after decades, and the chain still continues. In a significant way, our life is a game of Chinese whispers. Except we’re not merely sitting in a circle and whispering into each other's ears. But we are somewhat doing exactly that.

Every single day, whether we’re talking to our friends or our families, we’re talking about other people. We’re gossiping about how the girl in school talked back to the English teacher for calling her out or how the manager at work had no right to yell at Rose for using her phone during work hours. We’re almost always gossiping and, to be honest, it’s exhausting. Not to mention, a load of bullshit.

There is no information on this planet that isn’t tainted, isn’t altered in a way that it strays, perhaps ever so slightly, from the truth. The curve of distortion increased with the curve of the human population and it has not stopped growing ever since.

What I mean by this is, the more metaphorical ears the information passes to the more distorted the information gets, and there are billions of said ears! Hence, life is a game of Chinese whispers where we pass on information from one person to the other, however, we change it in a way that allows for our comprehension and offers THIS altered form of the information onto the next person who will do the same.

The question that arises upon this statement is whether there are any forms of information that are ‘pure’ (for the lack of a better word)? Is there any information that can’t be altered? Won’t be altered, perhaps?

The answer is no. It is a tendency of the human mind to fit new information (whether that be discoveries or inventions) into the shape that fits its level of comprehension, hence no information equates the truth.

It’s altered like the whispers of this game. Regardless, it’s not to be concluded that certain information cannot be trusted. Although edited, certain information can never lose its reality, its truth. For instance, news regarding science cannot be altered: subatomic particles cannot lose their dimensional shapes, and neither can biology be altered. Science and Mathematics, I suppose you could say, can never be completely altered. Unlike History and Literatures, they cannot be subjective and only work in conjunction with the truth, if what we think is the truth is actually the truth.


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Smriti Singh

Medical student struggling with balance and life, just writing to soothe my soul.